17 February 2008

Dave's Den - History

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This is the place to enter any comments, remarks, questions, etc. you may have about anything you saw on the Dave's Den - History pages of Dave's Den.

I welcome your input, and do thank you for sharing your views!

Dave Yaros --
This section is for discussion of the storied history of Dave's Den, my involvement with computers over the years as a means of communication and any general questions you might have of me.


Dave Yaros said...


Sound -
In the course of my "WWW Wanderings" I stumbled upon some fairly decent text-to-speech software. It was used to create the welcoming which greets you when logging on to Dave's Den. It is also responsible for the recital of the "Our Father" prayer on the Elebert H. Gary bio section on Gary, Indiana page of Dave's Den.

The software came from Cepstral and was relatively inexpensive. One may purchase separately a number of different voices to use with the software. You may also tweak the voice to give it more expression. A neat software package, in my opinon.

I embedded a clip on the Oldsmobile page, which plays automatically when one goes there. I really like it, as it rings so true in my household.

The USMC - Uniform page also has an embedded clip which just about says it all when it comes to achieving rank in the Corps.

There is the ever present danger of overdoing this audio stuff, so I am practicing restraint in that regard.

Dave Yaros said...

On 12 April 2008, this message was received from a visitor:

Dear Dave Yaros,

Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I have now visited your web page and read most of your writings.

My first car was a used 1965 F-85 four door. Green and a little rusty. The nylon upholstery was not very comfortable for wearing shorts. The year was 1973 and I was 16 and the car was $150. My poor parents had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

My next car was a 1970 Delta 88 two door coupe. The body was banana beige and the vinyl roof was coconut brown, or something like that. To me, it was like a very large Corvette. A chick's car - it matched me and my personality. I loved that car. I miss that car.

My next was a 1971 Delta 88 four door sedan. Midnight navy. I did not like that car at all. But, man, could it ever move. Hello and good-bye in the blink of an eye.

The one after that was a 1977 Cutlass S two-door coupe with a white vinyl T-top. Hornet green. Another large Corvette. Thereafter, I strayed from Oldsmobile.

Gary, Indiana. I once clocked myself going 107 on I-90 outside of Gary. Of course, that was the one 5 minute period of time when there wasn't road construction between Illinois and Michigan. I have driven through (inadvertently) and around Gary more than any other town without ever stopping and getting out of the car.

Your last name seems very familiar to me. Though, I'm sure we've never met, and I don't think I've ever even known anyone with your last name.

George Yaros. This was your uncle, right? Sorry, if I got that wrong. Reading the articles, I went from crying to mad. Unbelievable. I can't believe after all these years that murderer is still alive.

Personally, I've gone back and forth on the death penalty. Living in Illinois, I think what George Ryan did was a good thing up to a point. That is, he should have gone ahead and released the three people who were wrongfully convicted, which he did. But, as for the 160+ who were properly convicted and on death row, he should have left them there and left their death sentences in place. I believe he could have done this and still issued a moratorium on future death penalties. This would have been the respectful thing to do - respectful to the families and loved ones of the murder victims.

To all the people who go all giddy for prisoner art and poetry and whatever, I tell them, think of the victims of those criminals. Think
long and hard and try to feel what they feel.

Well, these are just my ramblings after having read your web site. Again, thank you for your comment. Take care, and best wishes.

Marie C.
Springfield, Illinois

Dave Yaros said...


I am pleased to report vistor activity on Dave's Den seems to be building. Too bad I can't say the same for The Blog!

As of 26 May 2008 Dave's Den has hosted a number of foreign visitors (Canada,while you indeed have been checking in, I do not count you as being among the foreign.) Here are the foreign countries hosted to date:

Vientiane, LAOS
Madrid, SPAIN
Manchester, ENGLAND UK

The longest any visitor to Dave's Den has been logged onto the web site is 3 Hrs. 59 Mins. and 11 secs. Interestingly, it was someone from Inland Steel Co. seeking information on "How a plate mill works!"

The Oldsmobile related web site forming a part of GDYNets, Saved 62, has hosted foreign visitors from:

Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Stockholm, SWEDEN
Helsinki, FINLAND

So, it appears that even though no one is choosing to publicly declare their presence, or comment via The Blog, Dave's Den is,in its own way, reaching out to the world.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I'd only known you were here, I'd gladly read your stuff. Although I've hardly been out of the country, West Virginia is pretty quaint and almost "foreign".

I'd like to see your stuff all in one place instead of scattered around the Net. Where will you land? Please advise.


Dave Yaros said...

To Camera Jim:

I am not quite sure what you are saying in regards to "Well, if I'd only known you were here, I'd gladly read your stuff."

Dave's Den is where it is, where it shall it remain, and getting quite a bit of traffic.

The blog, while not on the same site as the Den, is certainly publicized there quite well. Each page on the Den has a link to the blog, to make it easy to get here.

What I have to do now, is put return links to the Den here on the blog, to make going back and forth a little easier for folk.

So, as far as I am concerned, I have landed. It would be way, way to much trouble to try and recreate elsewhere the tons of info I already have on Dave's Den. Plus, I have found no provider that gives me the ease of webmastering that is available from WebNG.com.

What I would be willing to do, if/when WebNG ever made the capability available, is move the blog over there. Then it would all be in one place.

Dave Yaros said...

To the -Main Menu- of Dave's Den I have added a "Recent Additions/Updates" link. It will permit all to readily see what content may have been added since their last login. The link is located at the top of the -Main Menu- on the right side of the page. Clicking on the link will take one the What's New? page.

Dave Yaros said...

Kathy sent this email, via the link available on Dave's Den:
Hello http://gdynets.webng.com,

I was just looking at your site and I must say that you have done a great job. I really like it and I wanted to know if it is OK for me to link to your blog from my website. Please let me know if this is OK or not. Thanks.

Naturally, I said yes!

Dave Yaros said...

It is with extreme pleasure that I report for the period from 15 May 2008, through 31 Dec 2008, Dave's Den had a total of 17,252 page hits!

I can also state that the visitors literally reside all over the globe. Even someone from Wasilla, AK checked in. I doubt it was Sarah Palin though?

Probably most gratifying is the number of repeat visitors. That says there must be somthing of value/interest in the den.

Thanks to all, and lets look forward to more in '09!

Dave Yaros said...

Giving credit, where credit is due -

Thanks go out to J. D. for driving traffic to Dave's Den. J. D.'s activities have resulted in hundreds stopping by every day for information. How long this will continue, we shall see.

Who is "J. D." is the logical question. J. D. is actually 2 different people: John Dillinger and Johnny Depp, who plays Dillinger in the recently released movie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I found your blog while trying to find more information on the blood typing and tattooing that took place in Lake County during the early '50s. I am in the process of researching this activity and gathering all the information I can find right now. I would appreciate it if anyone who was tattooed and cares to talk about it would contact me with their information. My name is Bill Machacek and I'm a '57 graduate of Crown Point HS. And yes, I have my "atomic tattoo". My email address is wmachacek@q.com. I plan on sharing my findings with those who contact me about this. Please let me know if you'd like more information on my little project. Thanks....
I didn't get up to Gary much while I was in high school, but I do remember going to a soda fountain in Tolleston that really made great sundaes. Sorry, I can't remember the name or location, but I'm sure others on this blog will remember it. It was a very popular place and that meant waiting in line to get served. Thanks for any help you can give me.