17 February 2008

Does Anybody Care

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This section is for a discussion of my commentary, as posted on the "Does Anybody Care?" pages of Dave's Den. The commentary is on whatever happens to be bugging me at the moment, or striking my fancy. Consequently, the topic(s) are usually dealing with current events.

What is striking my fancy at the moment is our latest "old ride" acquisition, The Gray Lady, a 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. The Gray Lady has her own web site for you to peruse. You will find her at GrayLady.WebNG.com


Dave Yaros said...

14 April 2008

I am beginning to wonder if, in fact, anybody does care?" I say this as the web site is fastly approaching Visitor #500, but nary a single user has chosed to utilize the blog.

Hopefully, this will change?

Peeved in Windsor said...

OK Dave... I'll start the ball rolling with a blog about common courtesy and needless waiting.
My first great peeve is with check-out clerks who have forgotten the words "please" and "thank you." When they've totalled up purchases at the check-out they'll say something like.... "That'll be $85.47" and neglect the magic word "please." Once paid, the words "thank you" fail to come from their lips. (This is a generalization as not all clerks do this.) It's not that they're intentionally being discourtious. The words "please" and "thank you" just don't come to mind.
When I've just spent the earth on the latest gadget and thank the clerk I'm more likely to hear "no problem!" rather than "you're welcome." It's reassuring to know that my patronage is "no problem." Grrrrr!
The other great frustration is closed down check-out lines on busy days at the supermarket. It's like store management doesn't believe their customers' time has any value.
Often I'll stand in line for what seems like hours waiting to get through the cash...and just when I'm the next in line to check out the cashier will call for a price check. Causing a further delay in getting out the door.
My wife thinks my concerns are silly. She's more understanding than I am.

Dave Yaros said...

Peeved in Windsor:

You chose to remain anonymous, that's fine. Thanks for contributing. At last, someone put something on the board!

While I hear you loud and clear, I tend to agree with your wife. Life is too short to get real worked up over the lack of manners in the folk of today. It comes with territory, I am afraid. They simply were not brought up like you and I.

The real problem is not that they are being rude or inconsiderate. Rather, it is a lack of upbringing. They know not what is polite and proper. If there is a fault, it is on the part of the family unit in failing to impart the value of such niceties.

Dave Yaros

Dave Yaros said...

Not that this place is exactly being inundated with traffic, but I figured I should forewarn anyone who, per chance, might post a comment, I shall be on vacation from 1 Aug through 19 Aug. Consequently, any submitted comments will have to await my return before being made public.

NO, I am not going to Gary on vacation!

Amanda said...

Your July 18 post regarding Jesse Jackson reminded me of the conversation my husband and I had when we heard that he had "put his foot in it" again, as well.

We don't understand how he became the "go to" man in black issues to begin with.

How does one get the job of being the person everyone who ever offends a person of color (any color, evidently) has to apologize to?

I read somewhere that Dog the Bounty Hunter, who was unknowingly recorded saying racist things (not that it makes them any less disgusting), went to Jesse and apologized.

Does Jesse have the ability to forgive such things? Wouldn't it be the place of the person whom Dog was referring to in the first place?!

By the way-I love reading a blog from someone in "da Region". Ya know-there's a certain humor, disgust, intellect, and certainly-dialect/vocabulary that is uniquely our own and it's so comforting.

Write on.

Dave Yaros said...


Jesse is a character, no doubt. He got to where he is by means of intimidation and extortion. This fact has been documented in several works.

With the rise of Barak Obama, Jesse is quickly becoming an anachronism. It does not look as though Jesse is handling his less then #1 status too well.

So you think us Region Folk are unique do you? I have to agree. However, unlike you and I, others do not necessarily find us charming. But, hey, that is there problem, not ours!

Dave Yaros said...

On this webpage I have posted an article from a friend of mine on the state of the US/World economy. It does a masterful job of explaining our current plight, in straight-up, no nonsense terms. RECOMMENDED READING!

Dave Yaros said...

I just wanted to pass on word that I have undertaken the monthly publication of an online newsletter dealing with the collector/classic car hobby (avocation).

The name of the online newsletter is Car Collector Chronicles. It discusses all aspects of owning a classic ride. The Nov and Dec '08 issues are currently available for your perusal.

You will find it at:
Car Collector Chronicles

I hope you enjoy it, and will share your views/ideas here on the blog, or, 1-on-1, via email.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all!

Dave Yaros

Dave Yaros said...

As I know no where else to put this info, I will stick it here:

I have begun using Photobucket.com as a repository for pics I take around the Yaros Car Barn, when working on ride projects and vacation trips.

For anyone with an interest in seeing what the Yaros' are up to, and into, you may view my photo galleries at -
Dave's Photobucket

Anonymous said...


You need to correct the Emerson High School "Facts" at: http://gdynets.webng.com/emerson.htm

Emerson opened in 1909, not 1908 and as a K-12 unit school, NOT as a middle school. It was always a K-12 school during its first incarnation (1909-1981).
It was never just a middle school. Only with the creation of Emerson VPA did it embrace grades 6-12.

Also: Emerson closed in 1981, stayed closed for one year, and re-opened in the fall of 1982. It was never a grade 5-12 school.

Kendall Svengalis
Emerson Class of '65

Dave Yaros said...


Thanks for the input. Page has been revised, per your comments.