17 February 2008

M14 Rifle

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Dave Yaros --

This area is for a discussion of all things related to the M14 - M1/A1 7.62 mm assault rifle. The history of this rifle is presented on Dave's Den. Additionally Dave's Den presents a chart of its use in military conflicts, and a report on current usage by the Marine Corps.


Anonymous said...

A photo gallery on the M14 Assault Rifle has been added to Dave's Den. It has photos of the rifle in various configurations and usages, as well as photos of M14 related equipment.

There is one really neat - non M14 - photo of a live round travelling down range from the barrel of a rifle. Be sure to check that out.

Dave Yaros said...

I see the military is looking at a replacement assault rifle for the venerable M14. It is named the Special Ops Combat Assault Rifle-Heavy (SCAR H).

It is pretty impressive in that it uses the 7.62 mm NATO round, and weighs only a tad over 7 lbs. That is a loss of 4 to 5 lbs. from the M14. It also has different barrels for close combat and long range (sniper) use.

Info/specs on it is available at Dave's Den.

Anonymous said...

You said all others (M14s) have cast receivers. The Smith Ent (at least early ones) receivers were machines from solid bar stock.

H2O MAN said...

Hey, that's my MK14 SEI Mod 1! :-)

The MK14 Mod 0, MK14 Mod 1 and M14 EBR are better than ever.
Read all about them over on The M14HDW Forum and visit M14HDW.US for The History and Development of the SAGE Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) chassis stock system

H2O MAN said...

I was surprised to see my MK14 SEI Mod 1 pictured in your article about the "New-era M14...".
The Mod 1 pictured uses an AR style receiver extension tube, the Mod 0 uses an all metal butt stock with an adjustable LOP and fully adjustable cheek riser.
All MK14 rifles use and 18.0" barrel and the MK14 SEI Mod 0 used a medium heavy barrel.
Both SAGE and LaRue offer improved scope mounts.
Learn more on The M14HDW Forum and by visiting M14HDW.US