17 February 2008


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Dave Yaros --

This section is for discussion of anything Oldsmobile related. "Oldsmobile related" does specifically encompass Ransom Eli Olds. My particular knowledge is centered around the early 60's era Oldsmobiles; having owned or been involved with a 1960, 1961, 1962 (currently owned) 1963 and a 1967 model.

There is a ton of Oldsmobile information on my SAVED62 web site, which may provide answers to some of your questions. Do check it out: http://www.freewebs.com/jeandaveyaros

We also have a web site devoted to The Gray Lady; being our latest acquisition, a 1955 Cadillac Coupe Deville. The Gray Lady may be viewed at GrayLady.WebNg.com


Dave Yaros said...


Comings & Goings -
One car out, another moved in.

Last summer my wife wanted a daily driver convertible. Being the softy that I am, I purchased for her a 1985 Buick Riviera convertible we spotted at a car show. This car has the distinction of being 1-of-400 manufactured by Buick in 1985! At the time of purchase it had 43,000 miles on the odometer. We took it on our vacation in 2007, and put another 3,750 or so miles on her.

Well, Jean grew disenchanted with the car. When it became obvious she was not going to drive it on a regular basis, the decision was made to make the best of a bad situation by selling her; the Riviera, not Jean!

The Rivi was put up for auction on eBay. I can report that she was sold for a handsome sum, yielding yours truly a more than decent profit.

Within days a replacement vehicle was located and purchased. It pains me to say the replacement is a Corvair! It is a a 1963 Corvair Monza convertible, with a 4-speed manual transmission and 82,333 miles on the odometer. (Why a Corvair? Jean's very first car was a Corvair, albeit not a convertible.) The car came to us from WV, via of all places, eBay!

So now, the Corvair occupies the space in the Yaros Car Barn where the '85 Buick Riviera convertible once reigned in all her splendor.

Dave Yaros said...

The Olds hits the road for its first show of the year this weekend. It is the annual Oldsmobile Club of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) show. The club also annually holds a 2d show "up Nort," in Green Bay.

In prep for the show the exterior got a new wax job! Actually to call it a wax job does not do it justice.

It was a, count 'em, 6-step process:
1. Wash car
2. Wash car, again!
3. Clay car
4. Polish car

This step entails use a paint cleaner on the car, not waxing/polishing.

5. Glaze car
This was probably the most impressive step, in terms of results. This process clearly added depth to the finish, and gave it that wet look.
6. Protect everything by sealing (waxing) the finish.

To me, the key to the whole process was two-fold; claying the finish and use of the Porter-Cable dual action polisher/buffer.

Before I got into this, I did not appreciate what a science it is. There are different grades of pads to use on the polisher/buffer. Each grade has a different purpose/effect. Also, there are a literal slew of chemicals one may use on the finish. Which works best, is probably best determined by experimentation.

I used Meguiar products, and they seemed to work more than well for me. I am sure a true professional/fanatic would scoff at the use of finish chemicals designed for the consumer market. To them I say, "To each his own!"

Dave Yaros said...

THE YAROS CAR BARN - Report (Cont'd)

I am able to report the 'Vair now has working turn signals and parking lights, as well as a working horn. It had neither on delivery 3 weeks ago!

The signals/lights repair required replacing an aftermarket bulb socket with an OEM socket from a used front wiring harness I purchased precisely for this purpose. For once, planning ahead actually paid off!

The horn was missing a horn ring contact switch. The previous owner bought the needed part, but never installed it. It did come with the car in a box of miscellaneous spare parts.

In order to install the contact switch, removal of the steering wheel is required; not a task for the easily intimidated. I have removed a number of steering wheels, on a number of cars in my time, so it was not a big deal to me.

In fact, "back in the day" the anti-theft device on my 55 Chev Bel Air 2-dr. hardtop was to remove the steering wheel and place it in the trunk when parked. This worked more than quite well!

Also, the steering wheel on that car was not the one installed by the factory. The factory steering wheel was replaced by me with one from a Corvette.

Ah, the things we did to be cool?

Dave Yaros said...

The 2008 version of the Olds Club of Wisconsin car show has come and gone. Thankfully we avoided the rain, nay severe storms, by barely an hour!

The show exhibited a lot of nice iron. Sadly, there were no representatives from model year 1951 or earlier.

As we seem to have to do every year at this show, we were required to park next to a certain '62 Starfire. My pleading to be permitted to park elsewhere went unheeded.

Once again (as it did last year), this Starfire attracted most, if not all, the attention and took the "Best of Class" trophy.

Now, I have nothing against Starfires. In fact, they share the same frame and body as my Dynamic 88. The difference between the two models is trim; both interior and exterior. The other difference is, 46 years after the production of both models, Starfires are far more common than Dynamic 88's.

My irritation is in the fact Dynamic 88's are regarded as the "poor little sister" of the Starfire, both by Olds aficionados and old car buffs.

In the words of the late Rodney Dangerfield, "D 88 owners never get any respect!" Se la vie?

Dave Yaros said...

For any with an interest, and who happen to be in striking distance, the Oldsmobile Club of America national meet begins on Thursday, 31 July, in Dearborn, MI.

Always a great car show/swap meet and overall good time!

Dave Yaros said...

I just wanted to pass on word that I have undertaken the monthly publication of an online newsletter dealing with the collector/classic car hobby (avocation).

The name of the online newsletter is Car Collector Chronicles. It discusses all aspects of owning a classic ride. The Nov and Dec '08 issues are currently available for your perusal.

You will find it at:
Car Collector Chronicles

I hope you enjoy it, and will share your views/ideas here on the blog, or, 1-on-1, via email.


Dave Yaros

Dave Yaros said...

I have created a slideshow on the "Zimmartinolds;" Saved 62. It is available online, but only until 1 Apr 2009!

You may view it at Saved 62

Dave Yaros said...

Saved 62,, our 1962 Olds Dynamic 88 Convertible heads out with us on vacation next week. We shall be participating in the Old U.S. 27 Highway Tour; starting in Auburn, IN and ending on the shore of Lake Huron in Cheboygan, MI.

We are to be joined on the tour by friends from Windsor, ONT Canada; along with their 1962 Starfire Coupe.

Should be a fun time!

Dave Yaros said...

This weekend was spent installing a third brake light on Saved 62.

The light is part of the rear license plate frame, so no alterations to the car were required (a critical requirement on my part). The biggest problemS were a) figuring out where the electrical connection had to be made, and b) getting the power wire to that point of connection.

It turns out the one, sure connection that will work properly is on the brake light switch, on the brake pedal itself, in the driver compartment (under the dash).

Getting the third brake light power wire routed to the brake light switch was quite a feat in itself. I ended up running the wire through the rear bumper, into the frame (literally) and then through the firewall at the steering column support panel.

It was either doing that, or running the wire inside the car (accomplished only by removing the seats, scuff plates, kick panels and carpets) to get the wire where it needed to go!

All is well now, and all works.

Dave Yaros said...

Well, SAVED 62 received a new top yesterday. It was a bit expensive, but worth the expense. She is now "dressed to the nines!"

The top is cloth, not vinyl. The top is salt & pepper in color, with gray being dominant. This color was chosen to blend with/compliment the interior, which is medium gray and white.

The installer told me he believes the old black vinyl top was original to the car. He knows for a fact that the header bow tack strip was original.

The new top was but part of the preparation for SAVED 62 to go on tour next week. She, along with Jean and I (as well as another Olds couple we know from Windsor, ONT, Canada), will be joining approximately 300 other old car aficionados on a 5 day, 10 city driving tour of central Michigan (lower peninsula), on Old U.S. Hwy. 27. The tour starts in Coldwater, and ends on the shore of Lake Huron in Cheyboygan. Here is a link that features the driving tour: Old Hwy 27 Tour

We are looking forward to the excursion. That is, we are looking forward to all except the drive through Chicago to get to the starting point! We will avoid Chicago on the return trip, as we shall take a ferry across Lake Michigan; from Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI. From Manitowoc it will be a leisurely 2 hour drive home.

- Restore 'em and drive 'em!

Dave Yaros said...

I am more than pleased to report that the Old U.S. Hwy. 27 tour was a veritable blast! We had a great time.

The best part was seeing the enjoyment on folks faces as we cruised down the road. Approaching traffic would literally pull over to the side of the road and patiently watch the caravan pass. People would come out of their houses and wave to the passing cars.

The tour started at the bottom of MI, at Coldwater. It ended at the top of the state in Cheboygan, on the shore of Lake Huron.

We hit 5 cities in 10 days; having a car show twice daily. The tour had a police escort the entire route.

On average, our touring caravan consisted of 200 cars every day. There was virtually every make/model/year of car participating. One could not fail to see a machine to which they had some connection in their lives.

I was particularly impressed with the 1960 Chrysler 300 F. What a ride! Some brave souls traveled the entire route on Cushman motor scooters.

SAVED 62 did give us one bit of minor trouble on the tour. In Lansing of all places, as that is where she was made. She balked at starting. Despite intensive diagnosis, the cause was never definitively determined. Eventually she willingly fired up on her own again. That she did tells me the problem was one of vapor lock; a condition I had never experienced in all my years of motoring.

I highly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys touring, sharing their collectible car with the general public and being part of an event. You will have a great time, and meet great people!

Dave Yaros said...


Update of 17 Jan 2010

A lot has been happening in the Yaros Car Barn. SAVED 62 is awaiting the return (this month) of redone door panels from SMS Fabrics of Oregon.

The '63 Vair has vacated the car barn -
It was sold in November, to an appreciative buyer from Phila., PA. He drove it back to Philly from Milwaukee with nary a problem; unless one considers consuming 5 qts. of oil a problem? I would!

The empty stall was soon filled -
It is now occupied by a 1992 Cadillac Allante. The Allante was Cadillac's 2-seat roadster, competing against Mercedes Benz, and the predecessor of the XLR. The Allante production run was from 1987 through 1993. Ours is Pearl White metallic, and 1-of-1,931 manufactured in 1992. She has 50,000 miles on the odometer, and is a blast to drive! We have dubbed her Auntie Pearl.

I hope you have been keeping up with the offerings in my monthly, online newsletter, Car Collector Chronicles? We are now into our 3rd calendar year of publication! You will find Car Collector Chronicles online at CCC Check it out!

Dave Yaros said...

Car Collector Chronicles -THE FORUM

The monthly online newsletter, Car Collector Chronicles now has a companion forum. It is a place where fans of "old rides" of any make, model or year may gather and discuss any/every thing related to the car collecting hobby.

Come on by, check it out and join in!

Car Collector Chronicles -THE FORUM will be found Here

Dave Yaros said...

We just returned from participating in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Celebration of Cars - 2012 event.

The pics I took at the show may be found here -
IMS Photos